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There are very many processes an average consumer goes through before deciding on what products or services to spend money on. The most common for all types of consumers is the research and discovery phase where most of them spend hours going through various options that are available to them before making up their minds on what to buy. Offline, the consumer report magazine has been instrumental in helping consumers buy in a more efficient fashion.

However in a digital realm where consumers need to make decisions on the fly, the need for the research is more immediate, on platforms consumers understand. For this reason, many e-commerce companies now have customer reviews as part and parcel of their ecosystem to not only help their customers choose wisely but also establish trust among them.

However, there are certain e-commerce companies that do not provide the type of reviews the consumers want.

Student consumers

Students have a very unique relationship with custom essay writing companies. When they are overwhelmed with assignments, essay writing companies can link them to writers anywhere across the world. Problem is, there aren’t many customer reviews or alternative information sources students can use to judge what company is better than which. They need platforms where they can comfortably find competent custom essay writing companies for their needs.

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Why review custom essay writing companies?

There are very many custom essay writing companies out there. But without a review system to guide the consumers, mistakes are bound to happen. Some students have ended up scammed, or provided with plagiarized papers. In addition, consumers also take a very long time to find a good custom essay writing company. The main reason why electronicgamingeducation.com exists is to enable consumers to find the right custom paper writing companies faster than they would have.

How it works

electronicgamingeducation.com continuously collects information about various custom paper writing companies. The most important info we collect from consumers on essay writing company websites is their feedback regarding their experience. We use the information they provide to come up with vetted and tested recommendation lists. Note that the list of the best custom essay writing companies changes depending on the number and types of reviews companies get moving forward.

There is another section on this website dedicated to helping consumers learn more about a company: this is a summary that we arrive at after carrying out extensive research into each company.